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Born in 1956 in Florence, Dr.Flavio Salveti graduated from the School of Medicine at the University of Florence in 1983.In addition to his

dentistry specialization, he is a lung disease specialist. He worked as a

dentist in the S.Giovanni di Dio Hospital's clinics with Prof.F.Favelli

and in his private studio before opening his own practice in Florence and

Sesto Fiorentino in 1986. Dr.Salveti has traveled to the United States

several times and lived in Chicago for six months. He has friends in New

York, Chicago, and Los Angeles and Brazil. He loves his job and taking care of his patients and their problems. His fees are not expensive, and he likes to work with non-toxic medicines and new technologies. He has been on the list of the suggested doctors of the American Consolate in Florence since 1988.

Languages spoken: English,Portuguese,Italian,Suomi

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